sunnuntai 14. syyskuuta 2014

tiistai 19. elokuuta 2014

sunnuntai 17. elokuuta 2014

Yours in Service

I was thinking how long time I have had a some SCA office to handle.

2004-2008        3.5 years Aarnimetsä Captain of Archers
2008-2012        4 years Drachenwald Captain General of Archers
2014-                Aarnimetsä Minister of Arts and Science

Tillering the bow

I have been tillering the bow. It starts to be quite good already.

 I ´have also steam bended it to get it straight. It was bending little too much to the side. In picture you can see it pressed to turn it little over the straight line after steaming.

tiistai 22. heinäkuuta 2014

scraping the bow

I finally get the back of the stave in to same growth ring.
Next I marked the line of the belly. Width is already close of the correct, or the level where to begin tillering.

sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2014

old projects again

Now, when the tapestry is done, I have continued to make a bow and to embroider a silk wallhanging.

I took a better picture from tapestry. Size of the TV is 44". I have also written last pages of the tapestrybook. I still have to make a documentation of tapestry, while I still remember things better.

maanantai 16. kesäkuuta 2014

Eternal project is done

It took 3 years and 10 months to weave a 250cm x150 cm tapestry.

I let the picture explain more ....