torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2018

new Tapestry

So I decided to start a new tapestry.

I have been looking for a good cartoon to use in a tapestry, where I should use only metal weft. Finally I found one. I will weave a dragon of World of Warcraft. I have not been playing the game, but the dragon looks great.

I will use my small table loom and size of the tapestry will be about A3 sheet. Tapestries of purely metal weft has never been bigger than 1 m2.
Now I am waiting a delivery of Kreinik metal braid in size #12 Tapestry from US. I couldnot find the hues and size from anywhere else.

One of the good features of this project is: that it is easy to take this loom with me and teach how these works are done.

Warping is made with linen thread and 6 warps/cm as usual. It was normal in fine tapestries also. It was rare to go as far as 7 warps/cm.

lauantai 13. tammikuuta 2018

Ooops I have forgotted to update

During autumn, I have made a bow from Osage orange.

I also started a long lasting project of Chain of medalions.
Five is under work and few more are to come.

maanantai 7. elokuuta 2017

AS competitions

I have partisipated with these works:

Woven tapestry of Unicorn in Captivity – 2007 somewhere in Finland

 Embroidered wallhanging on silk with metal threads – 2007 Spring Crown Tourney

Annual Competition 2008
1) Boar hunting Tapestry Textile Arts, Weaving standard  - 2008 Winter Coronation 
2)      Travelling at 15th century, research paper- 2008 Winter Coronation 
3)      Tornacum, printing plate, Metalwork – 2008 Spring Crown Tourney 
4)      Windrose illumination in to parchment – 2008 Summer Coronation 
5)      Cider one part of the annual competition - 2008 Autumn Crown Tourney 
6)      Verdure with arms of me (Tapestry) - 2008 Autumn Crown Tourney

 Roads of Finland 1555 (book of maps) – 2009 Winter Coronation

Aarnimetsä Segelled Cartography/Illumination               - 02.04.2010

16th century bed ryijy         -2010 some where

Held A&S competition - 2014 Mid winterfeast, Theme drinks.

Roadmap to Ludwigstein, Research, Cartography – Summer Coronation 2014

Coast of Finnish Gulf, map Fine Arts, illumination - 2014 Autumn Crown Tourney

Yew longbow Woodwork -  2014 Autumn Crown Tourney

Mars ja Silvia Tapestry - Summer coronation in Nordmark 2015

AS classes

Classes I have held:

Archery in middle ages      - 2005 somewhere in Finland

Tapestry Weaving               - 2008 University

Braies workshop – 2009 Cudgel war

Cartography in Fine Arts and research - 2009, University

Online course from Tapestry weaving, published in Kingdom email list 2009 (7 parts)

University 2010
History and styles of piled vowen rugs and cloaks
DESCRIPTION: The class is based partly in to the sleeping, castle rya documentation for the A&S competition

Metal embroidery – 2014 Cudgel war

Cider brewing - 2014 Academy in Turku

Tapestry weaving - 2016 Spring event in Miehonlinna

Cartographia, expecially roads in maps - 2015 University

Aarnimetsän lastut 16, Beginners quide to tent camp - 2016 Aarnimetsä web site
Medieval printmaking, - 2017 University, Delft

tiistai 30. toukokuuta 2017

Wiipurintien reittiopas valmistui

Ylisen Wiipurintien reittioppaan tekemisessä oli hieman isompi työ kuin odotin. Tien linjaa on tutkittu selvästi vähemmän kuin Hämeen härkätien tai Kuninkaantien.
Itse piirtäminen meni aika nopeasti ja löysin pian oikeat asetukset. Sain myös Maanmittauslaitokselta ohjeet kuinka heidän aineistonsa käyttäminen pohjalla on luvallista.

Seuraavaksi teen reittioppaan Kuninkaantiestä. Se on lähes pelkää piirtämistä ja taittamista sillä tien linjauksen olen selvittänyt jo muutama vuosi sitten.

Tässä linkki Wiipurintien reittioppaaseen.

perjantai 14. huhtikuuta 2017

Tapestry Map is done

Tapestry map is done after 20 months work.
Mostly I had wool weft.
Warps are linen.
Size 100x89 cm.